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Sound in motion

Sound In Motion

Sound In Motion – Flash it

Sound In Motion – Regolith

Sound In Motion – FU**

Sound In Motion – Akathisia

Sound In Motion – Sinking Ship

The electro jazz group SKEPTIKER (Sebastian Hirsig (CH): keys / Octave Moritz (F): trumpet / Jan Schwinning (D): drums) meets the Irish Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbu and Kazakhstan freestyle dancer Toschkin Schalnich a.k.a. Bboy Toschkin on stage. For this, their first public appearance together, they have developed a program led heavily by spontaneity and improvisation.

Combining elements of jazz, electro, minimal, breakdance, freestyle and more with a mixture of both acoustic and electronic sound will form their musical language. You will see and hear this musical language blend with freestyle dance to form a common language. The fact that there are five nations involved in SOUND IN MOTION moves it beyond not just musical and dance, but cultural borders. With SOUND IN MOTION anything can happen at anytime.