includes a CD


“Absolut” was recorded at the Mazzive Sound Studio Bellmund with a Studer A80 on a 2-inch 24-track tape. Mixing and mastering was done live on a 1/4 inch stereo tape with the Studer B67.

The vinyl cut was done directly from the master tape at Schallplatten Schneid Technik in Frankfurt am Main.

5 of the seven tracks are uncut.

Chili Romer: Saxophones, Vocals, Compositions / Karoline Espås: Vocals / Lotta Maria Pitkänen: Violin / Sebastian Hirsig: Piano / Raphael Heggendorn: Cello

Side A

My Heart is green / Clouds / Earth to Air

Side B

Slow Food / Roots Are Like Branches / Everything Comes To An End / Piece For Piece